vinci-paese di leonardo da vinci

Vinci, birthplace of one of the must famous artist in the world: Leonardo da Vinci

Vinci: here’s what to see in this small village


The town of Vinci is located in Florence’s province (7 km from A casa di Serena affittacamere) and is well know all over the world for being the birthplaces of the genius Leonardo. It is located on the hills of Montalbano, the perfect place to spend a day of culture.

Inside the village you can visit the “Museo Leonardiano” in the “Palazzina Uzzielli” and in the “Castello dei Conti Guidi” where you can admire more than 60 types Leonardo’s machines, like war machines, prototype of airplane and architecture’s projets. These operas are also presented with the real sketches and manuscript annotations of Leonardo, together with digital animations and interactive applications.


vinci paese leonardoThe “Biblioteca Leonardiana” is located a few steps away; in this magical place you can explore Leonardo’s operas, like drawings, manuscripts and other genius operas.

The “Chiesa di Santa Croce” next to the bibliotec. Is the place where Leonardo was baptized and is still present the original baptismal font.

The birthplace of Leonardo (only 3km from the center of town in Anchiano) is  surrounded by olive trees and it’s accessible on foot by “strada verde”, a pat surrounded by nature.